Be an organization with PURPOSE that lives by its PRINCIPLES

Just as an action misaligned with our personal values, leads to disaster, a strategic decision that doesn’t align with the organization's values is sure to fail and even lead to disaster.


When defining the PURPOSE of the organization, it needs to be meaningful; some even say it needs to be noble or even massively transformative (Singularity University). Whichever viewpoint you hold, it needs to be meaningful in two ways;

Your PURPOSE & PRINCIPLES are your organization's EVERYTHING!

Your strategy should aim to spot what keeps your organization from completely, entirely, whole-heartedly, and utterly fulfilling your PURPOSE and identifying how to plug the gaps or change what you do to get the job done.

If PURPOSE drives strategy, WHAT do you need to do?

Your strategy should identify gaps between your current reality and what you should be doing to fulfill your purpose; remember this is high-level, not a detailed description of the actions needed.

Johann Botha, a digital change provocateur & getITright® CEO. Transform & build organizational agility, & digital-age capabilities. Consultant, speaker & author