The great “Digital Transformation”​ lie!

How thousands of organizations have a false sense of security about their future!

A while ago, I was one of the lead authors of a digital transformation approach called VeriSM; we draw a distinct difference between DIGITIZATION of a business and DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION.

  1. Has the initiative significantly impacted organizational culture, processes, market, customers served, services or products sold, the market segment you operate in, business model, and platforms? (If you can’t say yes for at least 50% — it’s a — NO).
  2. Are you fundamentally doing something different or at the very least doing what you use to do, in a completely different way or for an entirely different market? (At least one, although I’m not so excited by the last two as being truly transformational).

Johann Botha - the digital change provocateur & CEO of getITright®, specializing in building organizational agility & other digital-age capabilities.