Understand innovation and the product lifecycle.

When we help customers innovate, we depend on some key theoretical constructs to set the scene — in this somewhat long article, and I will deal with the most important — in context — to set the scene!

We often hear people say — why talk about products if you promote a customer-focused strategy?

  • Why would they buy your innovation?
  • The stage of product development needed?
  • Is it appropriate to work with partners in selling and installing the product?
  • What should the sales and distribution strategy be?
  • How you should determine and handle pricing
  • How would competition work?
  • How you would position yourself and your product, and
  • What is the next category/type of customer/s you should target?
  • Sustaining Innovation, and
  • Efficiency Innovation

Johann Botha - the digital change provocateur & CEO of getITright®, specializing in building organizational agility & other digital-age capabilities.